Sometimes your compounding “to-do” list just doesn’t seem to go away and you find yourself overwhelmed and in need of a little extra help. Sometimes you have a busy life or business and need a couple extra hands to be the most productive you that you can be. Sometimes you just want to take a break to pamper yourself and get away from the daily grind, while resting assured that your responsibilities are not being compromised in your absence. Sometimes you may catch yourself saying “Help Me, Rhonda!!!”

Below, you’ll find some of the most popular service requests.


  • daily errands/shopping/couponing
  • laundry
  • organization/cleaning
  • meal planning/meal prep/in-home cooking lessons/ healthy eating consulting
  • chauffeur/transportation services
  • day planning/scheduler
  • party/event planning
  • in-home companion services for elderly or rehab patients


  • hand delivery/courier/process serving
  • letter/resume production/transcription
  • administrative/secretarial duties
  • basic computer/internet/social media tutorials (Mac & PC proficient)
  • mailings -envelope prep to post office
  • digital file organization
  • secret shopper
  • flyer/brochure/newsletter/ad production
  • small business operations consultant


  • visitor liaison for out of town guests: hike planning; mini tours
  • format/layout design for template projects
  • party/event/fundraising planning
  • photographer