Popular Client Requests

When your productivity overflows, your planning becomes unorganized and you feel like you’re being stretched in several different directions at once- It’s time to bring Help Me, Rhonda llc onboard to help you regain control of your ship. Rhonda is at the ready to assist you with tasks ranging from daily essentials and the mundane to upper echelon and luxury services. Help Me, Rhonda llc is your answer to regaining control over a hectic day while relinquishing precious time back to yourself and allowing you to breathe a little easier.  

Rhonda is an extremely resourceful gal with a healthy network in which to propagate services and ideas. Rhonda’s pool of resources has been conscientiously established over the course of many years and it is sure to uniquely benefit each client based on their personal preferences, needs and desires.  With a knack for anticipating each individual’s expectations in advance, Rhonda pledges her best efforts to make each experience personable and pleasurable for each and every client.

Below is a generalized summary of available services offered by Help Me, Rhonda llc. However, if you don’t immediately see the service you desire, please just ASK! Rhonda will consider any special request.


Rhonda offers an extensive list of domestic services. Rhonda is at the ready to tackle your day-to-day tasks including (but not limited to) household chores; transportation; running daily errands such as fetching dry cleaning, buying groceries and picking up your reserved items from the local library. Rhonda can also help you plan out your day by, prepare your family meal plan, treat you to a cooking lesson in your own kitchen, as well as help with or fully handle the planning of your next party or special event! And “Thank you” cards…who has time for those? Rhonda does. She can purchase the boutique stationery, hand write personal messages and get them all to the post office for you AND make sure the stamps are unique…Oh yeah. Rhonda can REALLY help you! To see a full list of domestic services, CLICK HERE!


Sometimes the perpetual momentum of contemporary business operations is dizzying. You may feel that you don’t have the time or resources to be the most efficient YOU that you can be. You admit that you must get tasks accomplished by deadlines. But you also know that you need an extra set of hands to accomplish your goals and reach your fullest potential. When you have times that demand an extra percentage of effort, contact Rhonda! Rhonda will help you with a multitude of administrative and secretarial services to keep your business (or job) on track, as well as your sanity! Your career and meeting long term goals are totally worth the investment. To see a full list of professional services, CLICK HERE!


Have you ever needed to throw together a template project for small business promotions (business cards/website or social media images/postcards/brochures), party/event invitations, greeting cards, phonebooks, marketing materials or other creative projects? Rhonda can guide you or complete your project completely. Assignments that require creativity and originality are Rhonda’s favorite! To see a full list of creative services, CLICK HERE!

Clandestine Matters

Rhonda understands and appreciates that some assignments may be considered sensitive in nature and that some tasks may require extreme discretion and strict confidentiality. Rhonda is a consummate professional with acute integrity. She has seen and done it all and is guaranteed to handle herself with the utmost discernment.